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  Isolation Rooms








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Prevents the contamination of microorganisms which are effective in the development of Hospital İnfections; occurs with the mean of contact, droplets, air way(breathing), common usage and vector. With the precautions taken for Isolation rooms; is intended to prevent the patients to be infected from external environment as well as other patients and Health care workers.



Standart inpatient care Isolation rooms are designed to shorten the Hospitalisation time, reduce Health Care costs, reduce the rate of Hospital infections and patient deaths, secure, comportable and useful  for inpatients Medical staff visitors.


It is possible to define 3 different isolation room.

1- Rooms for infections contaminated by Air ( Negative Pressure Applications )

2- Enviroment Protected Rooms ( Positive Pressure Applications)

3- Full Isolated Rooms


Area of Use: Touch Isolation ( mrsa, vre, ecoli, open abset, Hepatitis A, diphtheria of skin, ebola, Crimean-Congo, rotavirus, parainfluenza, lavsa, decubitus, Vancomycin-resistant Enterococcus  (VRE).. ),  Droplet Isolation  (meningitis, diphtheri, pertussis, plague, pneumonia, adenovirüs, parnovirus 19, Influenza, measles, mumps,..) ,  Respiratory Isolation  (measles, varisella - zona, Tuberculosis, SAR, Crimean-Congo) 


CW650 model of Uvion Air Asepticizers are specially designed for isolation rooms; air-borne infections; provides the ventilation, humidification and climatization of the isolation room alone. Allows you to manage the condition of rooms, provides high protection for the environment and the room. Considering the effective microorganisms physical and biological conditions on inpatients,  pathented Uvion modul was placed inside the device which can generate ozone, neagtive ion with athmospheric plasma.


Every Hospital should have at least 1 isolation room for  air-borne infection.


The purpose of NEGATIVE PRESSURE for Isolation rooms; is to remove the infected droplets which has hovering capabilites and can cover a long distance with movement of air. But rooms can be isolated with POSITIVE PRESSURE, purpose of positive pressure isolation rooms; suitable for low immune system, allogeneic, autologous, stem cells, chemotherapy, hematology treated patient and bone marrow-transplantation patient rooms.


Discharged contaminated air from the laboratory or from the patient room is not given again in the usage area or laboratory/patient room (is not recirculated), cleaned + disinfected air is used.


With Uvion Air Asepticizer CW 650; Filtration is provided by preventing the recirculation of the air in Hospital/Laboratory room, supply filtrated fresh air to isloated environment; microorganism load is ligthened, prevets the spreading of polluted air of the Hospital/Laboratory to the other parts ( device has an ability to take out the %15 to %100 environment air in a minute ). In-room air exchange and effectiveness of ambient conditions (temperature-humidity - disinfection) to increase the ambient air, as well as throwing away;


Uvion Air Asepticizer CW 650 increases the qualiy of the air by cleaning the air using high retention HEPA filters (H14), disinfected, climate and humudity adjusted sterile air to the environment. Air of the isolation room which is setted to negative pressure, never escapes into the hallway, the risk of contamination does not occur.


Uvion Air Asepticizer CW 650 serves easy tracking with monitarisation of Negative Pressure.


The desired number of cycles according to ambient air through the device air flow and setpoint can be set in 1% precision with the help of sensors measured and gives the oppotunity to follow on screen. 


Negative Pressure isolation rooms; are produced walls and ceiling smooth, can be celaned easily, do not hold dust and dirt, do not make glare, does not make reflection and water and chemical disinfectant resistant materilas. Ground is coated with antibacterial and no-slippery material. Door are self-closing and lockable property, environment air is supported with U.V lamp and Pathogen Ionizer (UVION MODULE). Physical protection level is suitable to level 3. (TS EN 12128).


Uvion Air Asepticizers can serve special solutions for you and site-specific solutions beside fast implementation without requirement of construction. For more information please contact with us


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