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  Filtered Mobile Air Sterilizer

Pathogen Ionizer “XRETON-P UVION Mobile”


Filtered Mobile Air Sterilizer – XRETON-P Uvion Mobile is one of the Uvion series products. Device makes area disinfection thanks to its;


·         Mobile design,

·         Ionizer,

·         Ozone generation,

·         UV lights

·         HEPA/ULPA filteres.

XRETON-P Uvion Mobile is a qualified compact and faraday cage designed sterilization device. By generating negative Ion and Ozone (O3), device vanishes based pathogens, viruses, fungies, molds , bacteries and provide air filtration homogeneously in the located area. Device that efficiency tested by authorized Universities can be run 24 hours per day at populated fields.


Suitable touse as an enhancement for central system.


The main HEPA filter has the highest keeping capablility as %99,995 on particules bigger than 0.3microns.


How Pathogen Ionizer works ?


Negative Ions that generated by Xreton-P Uvion Mobile has extra electrons and energized ions. By the time normal atoms or molecules has got additional electrons, they become negative ions. Hence, they enhance ambient air.


Uvion device consists of  HV, Titanium Dioxide(TiO2), Silver Iodide(AgI), Copper Sulphate(CuS) covered Borosilicate glass tupes and short wage light source. Thanks to this advance technology, it generates negative oxygen and ozone gases which avoids odor and pollution. So,  it disappears germs, viruses, molds, fungies. Effectiveness is reinforced by 4 UV lamps located inside. 


Filtration of Device: Xreton-P Uvion Mobile consists of two filteres. These are cartridge type pre-filtre and main filtre. Filtres are easy to replace. Maintanence time is reminded by change filtre alert.


Device can be turned around by its lockable wheels and effective for 30-40 m2. AirFlow rate is 450 m3/h . System enforces the air decontamination systems at intensive care, operation and isolation rooms while disinfecting the rooms.  


With the LCD screen on the device;  lifespan of UV lamps ( 6000 Hrs.), filters can be viewed and 3 different air flow mode ( Economic – Medium – High) can be selected. UV lamp and Uvion Module  ( Ionizer ) can be switched ON/OFF. System is protected by an alarm mechanism. ON/OFF button is available.


w : 320mm , l : 320 mm h: 820mm ( Wheels included ) Weight : 22.5 Kg  (±%10 for entire values) Energy: 220V±%10 50-60Hz (compensate  for other countries)  


Functional Specifications:

Device - works as a system stand alone - has a compiled sterilizer and a negative ion generator. One of the greatest specification of the device is absorbing the pathogens and harmful gases in the air. Then, it decontaminates the area by generating photocatalysis reaction at its reactor.


Xreton-P Uvion Mobile has powerful air absorption system which takes the air from the bottom diffusers and provides air circulation.


Area of Usage: Pathogen Ionizer device can be used at any where sterile and hygiene necessary. Especially, for the following areas;


1.       Hospital departments such as Operating rooms, Intensive Care Units, Laboratories, Consulting Rooms and clinics etc.

2.       Households basis where Immune system low patients exist.

3.       Populated environments that has contamination risks such as military dorms, classes, banks, offices, airports, malls, recreation centers, government agencies .

4.       Hygienic factories such as plants food, depots, production and sales units.

5.      Harmful substance, particules, gas and any place that microorganism unwanted.


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