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  Hydrogen Peroxide OZONE PLASMA Sterilizer

Ozone and Hydrogen Peroxide sterilizations combined at one device with Plasma effect.

HRF 3000 Ozone is a microwave O3(Ozone) sterilization device which features high level safety sterilization for long and any lumen equipments that require gas sterilization.

The distinguishing feature of the device from its compared equivalents is that thanks to its hybrid technology, HRF 3000 Ozone can be used with O3 + H2O2 at the same time.

In order words, HRF 3000 Ozone can be used as H2O2 plasma sterilization device if required.

Medical equipments, plastics, lumen equipments, electro mechanics, surgical items, re-usable items, single and multiple wings, flexible endoscopes and complex long items can be easly sterilized with HRF 3000 Ozone (O3) and H2O2 Plasma sterilizer. Devices avoid wasting the expensive surgical items by  re-sterilizing and provide saving. It reduces the operation and diagnostic expenses.  


Device  uses the determined H2O2 solution for H2O plasma stage and also uses medical oxygen for Ozone sterilization. Device is more effective than  H2O2 for lumen shaped items and it is also ecologic as there is no residue left at the end.

Packing features : non-cellulose, polypropylene or  syntetic consumables like tyvec can be sterilized. Fabric, cellulose and liquid sterilizations are not suitable.


Multiple Languages and different equipment sterilization programs are avaliable on the touch screen

Consumables came out from Ozone Plasma sterilizer do not need extra ventilation. System helps to save time and reduces workload   at sterilization centers.

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