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  Topivac Wound Care Device

Topivac Negative Pressure Wound Care Device



 Conventional vacuum-assisted therapy, standard negative-pressure wound dressing; is an active system, assisting recovery in non-invasive acute and chronic wounds and applying controlled and local negative-pressure.

Negative-pressure wound dressing system accelerates tissue repair by increasing microcirculation, but it is also known to be insufficient for preventing the development of infection in a confined area and for fending off necrotic material.


 Conventional vacuum-assisted therapy + Oxygenenated water, ozonated water or bidistilled water


 Oxygen (O2) or Ozone (O3)


 Conventional vacuum-assisted therapy + Oxygen (O2) or Ozone (O3)


 Conventional vacuum-assisted therapy + Oxygen (O2) or Ozone (O3)+ Oxygenenated water, ozonated water or bidistilled water


 Pain treatment and improving wound healing by electrostimulation


 Besides being a system which assists recovery of non-invasive acute and chronic wounds and applies controlled local negative pressure, it also provides the distribution of irrigation solution evenly from wound margins towards the wound bed and removes the nectoric tissue away from the healthy tissue through a different path, thanks to MultiDRESS dressing kit application. Thus, the risk of infection is minimized.


 TOPIVAC PRO delivers the solution within MultiCASE to the wound bed, before the wound is irrigates, via oxygen and oxygenated fluids ofMultiDRESS wound dressing kit.

It helps remove the necrotic material faster thanks to the microdeformation process. The effect of accelerating collagen synthesis, cell division and cell growth is apparent on the wound healing.


TOPIVAC consists of a device and a kit, designated for the treatment of burn wounds and all types of open wounds, and used for both applying vacuum, creating sub-atmospheric pressure on the wound and negative pressure on the dressing kit, and also for generating required oxygen, ozone and humidity needed for the rapid healing and cleansing of the wound.


Inspired by local HBO (hyperbaric oxygen) therapy, TOPIVAC was developed by joining negative pressure technique with irrigation system that disinfects the wound from necrotic tissue, and with the electrostimulation feature that accelerates wound healing and reduces the pain.


With the application of all these treatments by a single device, the obstacles impeding tissue healing are removed and complications, length of hospital stay and costs are reduced. The use of TOPIVAC prevents tissue dryness by providing sterile and humid medium, which is needed to preserve tissue functions in the wound, and removes surplus exudate and toxic substances away from the wound without the effect of drying-out.


TOPIVAC; accelerates cell-level healing by diffusing o2xygen directly into the cell by means of special dressing pads, inhibits reproduction of anaerobic bacteria and helps build up leucocyte activation in the wound area.


TOPIVAC; terminates infection with the help of O3zone gas and prevents re-infection. It helps revive organic functions and activate immune system at the cellular level.


Its operation is based on the activation of skin, subcutaneous tissues and deep muscle groups by high frequency electrical stimuli, with its electrostimulation property. Topivac significantly accelerates healing process in the wound and in the muscle tissue and relieves pain, with electrostimulation therapy.


Boasting such properties, TOPIVAC is an advanced treatment system providing recovery of burn injuries and wounds rapidly, in suitable conditions and without the risk of infection.

Thanks to its specially designed wound dressing pads, TOPIVAC initiates the healing process by delivering oxygen and ozone under negative pressure to the wound, without inflicting any harm on the tissue.


TOPIVAC; is a user-friendly system, providing high comfort and safety with affordable prices to the patient.


Specially designed wound pads of TOPIVAC direct the wound irrigation solution around the wound margins and applies it on the centre of the wound. This helps remove necrotic tissue away from the wound without contacting the healthy tissue. It absorbs exudate through a different channel, thus minimizing the risk of infection.


TOPIVAC is capable of wound irrigation, depending on the condition of the wound, with ozonated water, oxygenated water, bidistilled water or other medical fluids, per doctor’s preference and the treatment method. If required, dressing pads will allow the implementation of only ozone and oxygen therapy without vacuum. TOPIVAC offers an advanced treatment of burn injuries and wounds rapidly, in suitable conditions and without the risk of infection.


Easy-to-use main and sub-menu items on the device allow you to apply accurate treatment, depending on the type of wound or burn injury, in the fastest way possible.

With its user-friendly software facilitating the transmission of e-prescriptions, the device allows the application of the most accurate treatment, tailored for the patient and the wound, in the fastest way.









It is easily carried with its ergonomic structure and small legs.

It is made of anti-bacterial and easy-to-clean materials, suitable for use in different departments and emergency wards.


Differently from common vacuum-assisted closures, it is a complex system and a treatment method.




 It removes exudate and necrotic material away from the centre of the wound.

 It provides sterile and humid environment, required to retain tissue functions.

 It accelerates healing process with the help of oxygen delivered to the wound.

 It terminates infection and prevents re-infection with ozone gas.

 With the use of electrostimulation, based on activating skin, subcutaneous tissues and deep muscle groups by high frequency electrical stimuli, it accelerates healing and relieves pain in the wound and the muscle tissue.


TOPIVAC, differently from common vacuum-assisted closures, is a complex system and treatment method. Inspired by local HBO therapy, it consists of a device, administered by a combination of electro-therapy and current ozone and oxygen treatments, and of assisted closure kits.


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