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Topivac Digital Hand Device
Vacuum Treatment Unit NPWT Wound Care

  • ISO 9001
  • ISO 13485
  • CE

TopiVac Hand DataSheet EN - Pdf 152 Kb.

Vacuum Assisted Wound Closuring Therapy Device

Conventional vacuum assisted therapy standard negative pressure wound closure device and dressing; noninvasive is an active system that applies controlled local negative pressure to support healing in acute and chronic wounds. Improves patient quality of life and reduces treatment costs. Improves wounds faster and more effectively.

It is a non-invasive developed wound treatment that has proven itself in wound healing. This treatment unit is needed for the application of controlled negative pressure (sub atmospheric) to the wound area.

teknomar topivac

TOPIVAC Digital Hand Classic Vacuum Assisted Wound Therapy Device has a wide range of disposable consumables to optimize treatment.

Special (TopiVac MultiDRESS) dressing for the device continuously pulls the exudate (wound fluid) through the wound with a special foam padding applied to the injured area. It allows equal distribution of negative pressure to the wound area. This improves the wound healing by creating granulation.

It is known that the negative-pressure wound closure system accelerates tissue healing by increasing microcirculatory circulation, but it cannot prevent the development of infection in a closed environment and does not provide sufficient removal of necrotic material. We advise you to use complicated wipes and other advanced products.

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