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Ozone & Hydrogen Peroxide Plasma Sterilizer (O3 & H2O2)

First in the World!

4th Generation Hybrid NEW Technology = hdrOzone

Ozone, Hydrogen Peroxide Sterilization and Plasma effect met in a device.

O3 + H2O2 + Plasma


There are no "Diameter and Length" Limits for all types of "Lumen Material" sterilization.

(Ø 0,1 mm. ... Diameter, Min. 15 mt. Length)
B Science Ozone & Hydrogen Peroxide Plasma Sterilizer

Any type of medical tools, plastic, lumen products in any different length and diameter, electro mechanical products and surgical items, single and multiple channels, flexible endoscopes and similar complex long products can be safely sterilized. Long and complexed endoscope sterilization and fourth channeled/ 4,5 meter long multiple flexible lumen scopes can be sterilized.

B SCIENCE Ozone sterilization device is manufactured for the first time by -TEKNOMAR LTD.- System is working between 37 C - 45 C, utilizing double sterilant as hydrogen peroxide and ozone along with plasma.

The device uses 60% Hydrogen Peroxide (H2O2) solution and Medical Oxygen for safe and no-limit sterilization. In this way, thanks to the intelligent program design, Ozone and Hydrogen Peroxide are used together for the most effective sterilization at the lowest dose.

hdrOzone sterilization device lumen program
Materials that are sterilized by Hydrogen Peroxide Ozone Plasma are offered ready to use without the need for extra ventilation. There is no harmful waste, only water vapor and oxygen. For this reason, as well as safe sterilization, it offers a safe use for personnel and the environment.

Sterilization technique with the effect of heavy molecules, radicals, hydroxyls and ions, with the application of H2O2 and O3, HYDRONIUM (HO3, HO4, H2O3, H2O4, HO5, OOH, H3O ... etc)

The B SCIENCE Ozone sterilization device uses a fixed-programmed sterilization cycle, which eliminates user error in sterilization safety. There is no need to classify the materials to be sterilized and to choose the appropriate cycle and program as in old technology devices. Mixed loading can be done.

Wide colorful touch screen enables users to select sterilization program quickly and friendly.

B SCIENCE Ozone Program SelectionDevice is compliance with ISO 14937

Packing Specifications: cellulose-free, synthetic materials such as polypropylene or tyvec; Sterilization of fabric, cellulose and liquid is not suitable for this sterilization method.

The B SCIENCE Ozone sterilization device can be used as a standalone Hydrogen Peroxide Sterilization Plasma device besides its superior properties.

Lumen Sterilization (PCD)

Hydrogen Peroxide H2O2 + O3 Ozone Plasma Sterilization Device performs sterilization of medical products and other materials with similar properties, except for conventional type disposable materials. No apparatus is needed for the sterilization of complex lumen materials.

Rigid Endoscopes Flexible Endoscopes
Trocar Cannula
Trocar Case
Device & Tool
Defibrillator Pedals
ElectroKoter Products
Esophageal Dilators
Head Pressure Transducer Cables
Endoscopic Products
Fiber Optic Cables
Laser Hand Products
Fiber Accessories
Ophthalmic Lenses
Radiation Therapy Instruments
Surgical Power Equipment
Drilling & Cutting Tools
Ultrasound Probes
Video Camera and Connection Apparatus

Ethylene Oxide, Hydrogen Peroxide and Ozone & Hydrogen Peroxide Sterilization Comparison Table

Method of Sterilization Ethylene Oxide Hydrogen Peroxide Hydrogen Peroxide & Ozone
Teknomar EO - C2H4O H2O2 H2O2 & O3
Efficacy Effective Limited Efficacy High Efficacy on Lumen Products
Cycle Time ~ 4-12 hrs ~ 70 Minutes ~ 95 minutes
Cost of Cycle ~ 12,00* € ~9,00* € ~ 10,00* €
Cartridge Storage Challenging Appropriate Appropriate
Dangerous High Environmental Friendly Ecologic
Preparation for Sterilization Medium Long Short
Capacity Limited Capacity Limited Capacity High Capacity
Material Compatibility Mixed Material Various Programs for Different Products Mixed Material
Pollutant Risky Ecologic Ecologic
External Connection Needed No Needed Needed
Working Temperature 37-55 ℃ 37-55 ℃ 37-45 ℃
Sterility Assurance Level (SAL) 10-6 10-6 10-6
Maintenance Expensive Reasonable Reasonable
Installation Challenging Easy Easy
Working Principle ETO Only H2O2 Only, but Upgradable 1: H2O2
2: H2O2 & O3
3: O3
Diameter and Length Limitless 1 mm Ø - 400 mm / 2 mm Ø 1200 mm Ø 0,1 mm inner diameter ../.. Min. 4,5 meter Length
Residue on Product Risky No residue on Product No Residue on Instruments and Long Lumen Products
Cost of Device ~ 20.000,00 €* ~ 40.000,00 €* ~ 80.000,00 €*
Overall Score 7/18 8/18 16/18

The chart is showing the comparison of sterilizers in terms of different parameters and properties.

Although, sterilization is certain on each of the methods, there are variables to consider for end users perspective.

The ranking shows that the most suitable sterilizer is Hydrogen Peroxide & Ozone Gas Plasma Sterilizer with 16/18 points. The second one is Hydrogen Peroxide Gas Plasma Sterilizer in terms of Cost and Capability-with 8/18. The third is Ethylene Oxide Gas Sterilizer with limited advantages and high considerable risks – 7/18.

4th Generation Hybrid Technology, Low Heat Ozone (O3) & Hydrogen Peroxide (H2O2) Gas Plasma Sterilization Device

Technical Specifications / Datasheet

MODEL B3S75 B3S125
SCREENTouch Screen 7"Touch Screen 7"
EXTERIOR DIMENSIONS (W-D-H) (mm)730 x 1010 x 1980730 x 1010 x 1980
CHAMBER INTERIOR DIMENSIONS (W-D-H) (mm)440 x 370 x 700440 x 500 x 700
CARTRIDGE H2O2120 cc120 cc
POWER* (WATT)(Max.)3200 W3200 W
WORKING VOLTAGE230 V AC, 50/60 Hz230 V AC, 50/60 Hz
EXTERIOR CHASSIS MATERIALSStainless Steel 304Stainless Steel 304
CHAMBER MATERIALStainless Steel 316Stainless Steel 316


Type (Block)Block Type Hydrogen Peroxide & Ozone Low Temp Sterilizer
Sterilization SpecificationAll Microorganisms (all bacteria forms, all viruses all fungi forms) and all prions
ModelsB3S75 – B3S125


External Oxygen ConnectionHospital Type Medical Oxygen ≤ 90%


H2O2 ConcentrationMin %45 H2O2 Concentration and above Concentration sterilization efficiency
H2O2 Cartridge Feature45% - ... - 60% H2O2 / 100 cc - 150 cc / Safety vent
Cartridge Cycle Quantity 5 cycles, 7 cycles, 10 cycles, 15 cycle cartridge/cassette types are available.
Cartridge Shelf Life It is 6 months from the production date at 15-25 months.
Waste H2O2 Drainage Yes (1 Lt disposable)


Compatible Packaging Materials Tyvek® Sterilization Roller, Wrap Papers, Various Surgical Container Systems
Unsuitable Materials Textile, Cellulose, Liquids
Indicators Chemical and Biological Indicators


Vacuum Pump and Maintenance Periods 6 Months (350 cycles) and 1 year (700 cycles) vacuum pump oil change is also performed with the device maintenance.
Other Technical Specifications The device is a mobile block type and the carriage has easy transport and installation features with 4 wheels locked under the cabin. External Hospital Type Oxygen Gas (Medical Tube) and Electrical need. No need for additional waste disposal system.

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