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Topivac Hand Consumables
Negative Pressure Wound & Treatment Therapy Device

Professional Wound Care

Classic Vacuum Assisted Wound Treatment Closure Sets & Incision, Abdominal, Exudative Collection Cap

TopiVAC® / MultiDRESS® is a classical vacuum assisted wound therapy system.

TOPIVAC® Digital Hand Vacuum Assisted Wound Treatment Device and MultiDRESS® Wound Closure Dressing Kit;

  • Washing of the wound bed in a homogeneous manner, removal of necrotic materials, dissolution of necrotic tissue.
  • It is not recommended to use in infected wounds (It is advised to use more technological Topical and Oxygen washer systems in infected wounds).
  • There is a high healing activity in surgical incisions (incision).

It is more effective, economical and efficient than the wound care products used in the market with their features and activities.


TOPIVAC® / MultiDress®'s Vacuum Assisted Wound Care Kit Functions
Applications - Functions TopiVac / MultiDRESS Classical NPWT
Device and Set
NPWT Device and Set
With Irrigation
Drawing Exudate With Vacuum + + +


MultiDRESS Sub Components

MultiDRESS (Small / Medium / Large Sizes)
Vacuum, Irrigation and Double Tube Set with Gassing.
TopiVac Klasik - Digital Hand Cihazlarında Kullanılır.
Drape ve Tek Vantuz Track Pad
CANISTER (500 - 1000 ml.) Collecting Cup
TOPIVAC PU Grade 400-600 Pore Vacuum Assisted Wound Care Sponge/Foam.
(Sizes R10, 10x10, 6x15, 13x20 Elips, 20x20, 15x30, 20x30, 30x30, 25x45 cm.)


TopiVac Digital Hand Vacuum Assisted Wound Closure Dressing Sets Case, Application and Clinical Visual Examples

Diz travma, implant kırığı yarası

Case 1: Before Treatment

Tedavi Sonrası Diz travma, implant kırığı yarası granilizasyonu

Case 1: After 7 Days

Sakral, yatak nekrozlu bası, kalça yarası, ölü doku

Case 2: Before Treatment

Tedavi Sonrası Sakral, yatak nekrozlu bası, kalça yarası, canlı doku

Case 2: After 36 Days

diabetik şeker hastalığı ayak yarası

Case 3: Before Treatment

Tedavi Sonrası diabetik şeker hastalığı ayak yarası, granilizasyon oluşumu, yara iyileşmesi

Case 3: After 9 Days

ayak topuk dikeni, debridmanlı nasır yarası

Case 4: Before Treatment

Tedavi Sonrası ayak topuk dikeni, debridmanlı nasır yara iyileşmesi

Case 4: After 9 Days

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