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XRETON-P Uvion Mobile Air Sterilizer
Atmospeheric Plasma Pathogen Ionizer Filtered Mobile Air Sterilizer

Pathogen Ionizer XRETON-P UVION Mobile

Filtered Mobil Air Sterilizer – XRETON-P Uvion Mobile is one of the Uvion series products. Device makes area disinfection thanks to its;XRETON-P Uvion Mobile

  • Mobile design,
  • Ionizer,
  • Ozone generation,
  • UV lights,
  • HEPA / ULPA filters.

Suitable to use as a support for central unit aeration systems.


XRETON-P Uvion Mobile is a compact and faraday cage qualified designed sterilization device. By generating negative Ion and Ozone (O3), device vanishes based pathogens, viruses, fungies, molds and bacterizes in the located area. Device that efficiency tested by authorized Universities can be run 24 hours per day at populated fields.

The main filter (Hepa / Ulpa) has the highest keeping capability as %99,9998 on particules bigger than 0.3 microns.



Hospitals, aisle of hospital, colleges, classes, bank branches, homes, offices, conference halls, lobbies, restaurants, mess halls and cafe, public service vehicles, dormitories, food depots etc.


Technical Specifications:

The chassis of Uvion is made of stainless steel 304 and it is not oxidized due to negative ions. The device contains an ion generator consisting of borosilicate tube coated with titanium dioxide (TiO2), silver iodide (Agl) and copper sulphate(CuS). This mechanism divides ethylene-based gases and particles in system to -OH and thus decomposes gases, destroys microorganisms by using its catalytic inverter while eliminating particles through negative ions and creating photo-catalytic reaction in order to neutralize pathogens and gases carried by air.


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