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ETO C 1445 EO Sterilizer
Hospital Type Ethylene Oxide (EO) Sterilizer

ETO C 1445 EO Sterilizer

ETO C 1445 EN/TR - 1805 Kb.

ISO 9001 ISO 13485 CE 1984

ETO C 1445 EN - Pdf 535 Kb.

TEKNOMAR ETO - C 1445 Hospital Type Ethylene Oxide Gas Sterilizer

ETO - C 1445 is a low temperature ETO Gas Sterilizer enables you to sterilize your medical, surgical, laboratory tools and equipments.  Low Temperature process assists you to sterilize your humidity and heat sensitive products with EO Gas (C2H4O)

Ethylene Oxide Gas has been used for a long time as the cost effective and well-known product sterilization technique. Medical equipments require high disinfection before applying the product. ETO-C 1445 provides high level sterilization with considering safety and low cost.

ETO - C 1445 Hospital Type
Hospital Type Ethylene Oxide Gas Sterilizer

All in one chamber is able you to apply preconditioning, gassing and aeration automatically by one touch without extra consumables and drying chamber needed. High technological compact design avoids you to use liner bag, conditioners and EO tubes for each cycle. Cost effective ETO-C 1445 provides you to place your items after packaging with ETO pouches and sterilize them in 6 hours* including preconditioning, gassing and aeration.

Teknomar Ltd is experienced in different product sterilizations such as : medical disposable items, absorbable and non-absorbable sutures, catheters, laparoscopic surgical instruments, implants, sensitive flexible medical items, endoscposes, rigid and semi-rigid lumen shaped tools.

ETO-C 1445
  • - Sterilizes Humidity and Heat Sensitive Products
  • - Negative Pressure Working Principle
  • - Operated Between 37-55 °C Temperature
  • - Durable Stainless Steel Chassis (316L)
  • - Entegrated Enhanced Neutralization Technique (Water Scrubber Method) for Dissolving EO Gas
  • - 4-6 Hours of  Complete Sterilization Duration (Average given duration)
  • - Multifunctional Chamber : Preconditioning, Gassing, Aeration in One Chamber
  • - Convenience with EO Cartridge and Cylinders.
  • - Sterilization with Different EO Gas Mixtures.
  • - Easy to Operate with Full Colored Wide Touch Screen Panel
  • - PLC Process Controlling
  • - Thermal Printer
  • - Personal Safety Features

ETO-C 1445 comes with varity of choices with tailored manufacturing chamber options. Chamber and trays are made of stainless steel 316 L food grade material.

TEKNOMAR Hospital Type Ethylene Oxide Sterilization Device CHAMBER DIMENSIONS
Hospital Type Ethylene Oxide Sterilization Device Chamber Models
Cardio-Vasculer Shape (Cylinder) Table Top Chamber (Rectangular)
125 Lt. 135 Lt.
175 Lt.

* Please ask for custom sizes.

* All Models Can Be Run By Cartridge And Cylinder EO Gases.


ETO-C 1445 follows specified steps to sterilize your materials faster, easier and safer:

1- Heating Stage

  • At this stage, device reaches the adequate chamber temperature for sterilization between 37-55 C°

2- Leakage Test

  • As system works under pressure, device is built with sensors to check any leakage, temperature, pressure faults to give you the high level of security.

3- Preconditioning

  • Device takes itself to deep vacuum and initiate the preconditioning to get ready for sterilization

4- Gassing

  • Leakage free chamber takes the EO gas inside to initate sterilization and spread the gas homogenously into the materials. (EO Gas can be taken by %100 EO Gas Cartridges or from EO Gas Cylinders.) EO Gas cartridge will be placed to the nest located inside of the chamber and will be drilled up by the device automatically.

5- Degassing and Neutralization

  • ETO-C 1445 consists of the high efficient dissolution model with water scrubber method. The EO gas is taken into Neutralization center and dissolves the EO gas.

6- Aeration

  • Limitless aeration enables the user to apply plenty of ventilation for ending the sterilization.

7- Sterilization Completed


ETO - C 1445 has a compact design built-in one shape in order to utilize the user for a multifunctional purposes. Device enables the user to program different parameters for multiple products' sterilization.

Standard EO sterilization pouches can be used.

In previous experiences, users were having material preconditionings and aearations within another chamber. This increases the time of sterilization, cost of sterilization and work load for the employees. However, ETO-C 1445 introduces a new technique where preconditioning, gassing and aeration are done by only one chamber.

ETO - C 1445 cuts the whole possible costs to give you the optimized economies of scale. Teknomar Ltd gives you the validation and calibration services for different unique materials. Although sterilization duration is (min-max) 3 - 6 hours, this duration could be adjusted depending on the validation of the material to be sterilized. Moreover, number and duration of air washing (aeration) can also be adjusted by the User.

Teknomar Ltd assigns its best technicians to adjust the device for optimized level of sterilization considering the costs and sterilization accuracy.

EO Gas Cartridge
EO Gas / EO Cartridges

ETO - C 1445 is competible with EO cartridges which are consisted of %100 EO gas (100 gr). You may also run the device with EO Cylinders with different EO gas mixtures decided after validation service.

Biological and Chemical Indicators will be used for sterilization accuracy

At the installation stage, there will be some requirements must be prepared:

  • Water Connection
  • Exhaust Connection
  • Drainage Connection
  • Electricity
  • Air Connection

* Regarding to the area where sterilizer will be placed, Teknomar Ltd gives service for design and installation at site.

ETO - C 1445 requires periodical maintances daily, semi-annually and annually. Maintanence will be applied by the authorized person trained by Teknomar Ltd which is the sole supplier of the required spare parts. Spare parts is supplied with speficied maintanence kits periodically.

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