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(H2O2) C1080 Chemical Indicator
Hydrogen Peroxide Plasma Sterilizer Device Chemical Indicator

Teknomar HRF3000 / B Science Hydrogen Peroxide Plasma Sterilization Equipment and HRF3000 hdrOzon / B Science Ozone Hydrogen Peroxide Plasma Sterilization Devices with proprietary technology use TEKNOMAR® brand H2O2 C-1080 Chemical Indicators to verify low temperature sterilization. The indicators comply with EN-ISO 11140 (Class 4).

H2O2 Chemical Indicator changes color after sterilization process.

C-1080 Hydrogen Peroxide Indicator - Before Sterilization

Before Sterilization

250 strips in the aluminum package are offered in the market. 250 pieces of aluminum foil can be stored for 4 years under suitable storage conditions.

After Sterilization

C-1080 Hydrogen Peroxide Indicator - After Sterilization

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